Fun Facts


Satellite Image of Prince Edward Island
Satellite Image of Prince Edward Island
  • Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province, the Island is approximately 140 miles long, with 1,100 miles of coast line.
  • The Islands land surface is 2,184 square miles.
  • Warmed by the Gulf Stream, the Island has the warmest waters North of the Carolinas.
  • The Island features the longest stretches of beach in Canada.
  • The Island has the highest concentration of lighthouses of any province or state in North America. With 63 lighthouses and range light buildings(approximately 37 still active), this averages one lighthouse for every 34 square miles.
  • Our thriving aquaculture industry features Island Blue Mussels, and Malpeque Oysters, both the #1 choice for restaurant menus in NYC, Toronto and the world!
  • The Island features the longest stretches of beach in Canada.
  • Magic Mushrooms grow wild on PEI.